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  Harry E. Chrisman, former Liberal author and historian, donated a large collection of his writings, photographs, and other items to Liberal Memorial Library for the purpose of research. This database searches the contents of the Chrisman Collection.  
CallNo: P513-F1ab  
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Descriptive Title: Stephen and Magdalena Hancock   Type: Print
Date of Origin: 1885   Provenance:
Size: 5 x 7 3/16   Condition: good
Text: [front] [photo has red marks on all sides] [back] L18 ; Reduce to 3 1/4 x 3 1/2 Crop on Red marks ; Return Photo to HARRY E. CHRISMAN 10245 W. 14th Ave. Denver, Colo. 80215 [note] Copy D [D is underlined] Shown here are the parents of Charles E. Hancock, Stephen Monroe Hancock and his wife Magdalena [insert mark] Hirrlinger Hancock, Stevens County, Kansas, pioneers. of 1885. [of 1885. is crossed out] Photo courtesy of [of is crossed out] the late C. E. Hancock. [. made into a ,] Sr. [Photo courtesy of [of is crossed out] the late C. E. Hancock. [. made into a ,] Sr. is underlined] Hirrlinger [with an arrow to insert mark] [job form] Job #302760H Ref # 4 .22/1.38 Page #144B B HT [HT is circled] Shoot at 100%
Misc Info: Photo is of a man and woman. The man is sitting in a chair. The woman has her right hand on his shoulder. She is holding a purse. She has a long chain that is clasped above her breasts. It seperates into two strands and the ends are stuck in a pocket.
Subject: Stephen Monroe Hancock
Stevens County Pioneers
Magdalena Hancock
Parents of Charles E. Hancock
Magdalena Hirrlinger
  Related to:  M/F14
Other: Photo was mounted in M/F14. The glue has unstuck so photo slid right out. Photo has a yellow glue stain on bottom back. Photo has tape tear mark on back top. Note and Job form have tape on them.