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  Harry E. Chrisman, former Liberal author and historian, donated a large collection of his writings, photographs, and other items to Liberal Memorial Library for the purpose of research. This database searches the contents of the Chrisman Collection.  
CallNo: P519-F1b  
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Descriptive Title: Charles Edward Hancock   Type: Print
Date of Origin: 1890   Provenance:
Size: 4 1/4 x 6 1/2   Condition: fair
Text: [front] age 17 ; L Stiles STUDIO EXTRA FINISH CLARENCE, M [back] My Father died Dec 19 - 1889 I put out a big crop in 1890 in Sept 1890 we moved back to Missouri This Picture was taken that winter 1890 So this is the way I looked when we left Stevens Co Kansas ; Return this picture to CE Hancock 10419 Mills ave Whittier Calif ; Mr Chrisman it would Pain me very much to loose these Pictures we were school Mates a Boy and a Girl who became sweet hearts and then in 1895 became Man and wife and then sweet hearts for 65 married life happy years to gether ; Reduce Photo to 3 1/4" x 3 1/2" ; Return to HARRY E. CHRISMAN 10245 W. 14th Ave. Denver, Colo. 80215 [Denver address is stamped twice, once over the Liberal address which is illegible] ; 1890 1873 ____ 17 [note] Copy A [Copy A is underlined] ; Charles Edward Hancock at age 17. Charles had just left southwest Kansas and put his cowboy life behind him, though he continued to hear the Call of the Prairie in his heart. The photo was by H.L. Stiles, Clarence, Missouri, where Charles lived in the early 1890s. Photo courtesy of Charles E. Hancock Sr. [Photo courtesy of Charles E. Hancock Sr. is underlined] [job form] Job #302760H Ref #1 .20/1.31 Page #144A A HT [HT is circled] Shoot at 100%
Misc Info: Photo is a portrait of a young man. He is in a tie, vest, and jacket. Photo is from stomach up.
Subject: Charles E. Hancock, Sr.
H. L. Stiles photo
Clarence, Missouri
Southwest Kansas
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Other: Photo is stained on front. Edges are worn. Bottom of photo is faded. His right shoulder is different than his left. It almost looks like it was drawn in. Back of photo has tape and tape tear marks on top and bottom. Tape took off the top of the d i, and d of the word died. Tape is still on top of note. Note and job form have tape on top. Photo is mounted on thick cardboard.    

CallNo: P69-H1g  
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Descriptive Title: Southwest Kansas Plains   Type: Print
Date of Origin: 1930s   Provenance:Chrisman collection
Size: 4 1/16 x 4 7/8   Condition: very good
Text: [back] "Soil bank land" [back note] Dust Bowl Land The vast southwest grazing lands commenced moving in ernest in the 1930s. Where no effort was made to hold it, many areas blew away, exposing the sandstone basement. Only (crossed out) By following the advice of the old cattlemen, regrassing the area and leaving it for grazing pasture land, saved(crossed out) many valuable acres were saved for the future. Photo taken in southwest Kansas by author.
Misc Info: Wooden fence posts, fencing wire on plains. Sand or dirt has blown to drift at foot of posts.
Subject: Southwest Kansas plains
fence posts
fencing wire
sand or dirt
soil bank land
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Other: Photo has glue spots across top back.    

CallNo: P74-F1b  
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Descriptive Title: Bareback bronc rider   Type: Print
Date of Origin:    Provenance:Harry E. Chrisman private collection
Size: 8 x p 15/16   Condition: good
Text: [back] Credit - Harry E. Chrisman Lane D. Apt. 74 Bluebonnet Courts Liberal, Kansas. [stamped twice]; Negative of this pic in Mrs. Roger's files, but owned by HEC. [note] Con Jackson aboard Quanah Parker - Riding the horse with circingle, double-hand hold, horses head free. A rough way to ride. Try it, sometime! Con Jackson was one of the better bucking horse riders in southwest Kansas and the Neutral Strip. Con caught and broke wild horses with Perry Bright [righ circled with line going to top of page towards Brite] Brite. He also did some contest riding, capturing top prizes wherever he showed. He liked to set out with his friend, Walt Naylor (as they did to the Kingman Fair, one time and [insert symbol] in 1900) "try out a few broncs for size." Con was also a good roper and won contest money in the steer roping contests. At that time they roped Texas longhorns, range-raised, wild stock. Con later worked for a meat packing house as xxxxxxx livestock buyer. Burris Wright and Frank Peacock both said, "Con was one of the best." -- Photo courtesy Mrs. [insert symbol] Mary Elizabeth Rogers
Misc Info: Cowboy riding a bareback bronc in a corral with one rail broken. Picture has fuzzy background. Looks like possible horses and people behind the fence.
Subject: Con Jackson
bucking horse
Quanah Parker (horse)
Southwest Kansas
Neutral Strip
Perry Brite
Walt Naylor
Kingman Fair
steer roping Mary Elizabeth Rogers
Texas Longhorns Burris Wright Frank Peacock
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Other: Photo has tape on top back.    

CallNo: P77-I2  
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Descriptive Title: Jack rabbit roundup   Type: Print
Date of Origin: 1935   Provenance:private collection - Chrisman Collection
Size: 3 9/16 x 5 9/16   Condition: good
Text: [front] Photo by C.A. Smith - 1935 [back] 1 [1 is circled] Harry E. Chrisman 10245 W. 14th Ave. Denver, Colo. 80215 [stamped two or three times] [note] 1 [1 is circled] Picture No. 1 Photo taken at start of rabbit "drive" in southwest Kansas. Men and boys armed with clubs form large circle covering a half section of land and march to central "killing pen" driving scared bunnies ahead of them. Photos from author's collection, taken by C. A. Smith in 1935. [Photos from author's collection, taken by A.C. Smith in 1935 is underlined]
Misc Info: Men and boys, armed with clubs, circle around jack rabbits in background.
Subject: rabbit drive
jack rabbits
C.A. Smith
Southwest Kansas
  Related to:  P78
Other: Photo has tape on top back.    

CallNo: PC5-D2a  
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Descriptive Title: Broom corn crop in Liberal   Type: Postcard
Date of Origin:    Provenance:private collection - Maurine and Crompton Tate
Size: 3 1/2 x 5 1/2   Condition: good
Text: [front] #53 Always Something (letter "s" is backwards) doing at Liberal. [back note] A Saturday street scene during the booming broom-corn years in Southwest Kansas. Photo courtesy Maurine and Crompton Tate. Don't mark photo! [back] When hardware its hardware, can't even buy a snap in it, was in the harness shop also, but did not talk with the owner Edison. Was in the court house also. Aug had some business there in regards school bonds he is treasure of their district. Aug. is having quite a time out here. Sunday we are invited out to dinner. There is a family here from Chester, Neb., by the name of John Preifert. Harry E. Chrisman - Return Pic; Post Card Correspondence here (short vertical line) Place Stamp Here; Name and address here; Harry E. Chrisman 10245 W. 14th Ave. Denver, Colo. 80215 Liberal, Kansas (word ACTUAL written on right side)
Misc Info: Busy street scene with wagons full of broom corn. Downtown Liberal, Kansas, street scene.
Subject: broom-corn
downtown Liberal, Kansas
wagons horses farmers
Southwest Kansas Lands building
Star Grocery building
Edison owner of hardware store
John Preifert
telephone poles street-side shops
Chester, Nebraska
Maurine and Crompton Tate
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