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  Harry E. Chrisman, former Liberal author and historian, donated a large collection of his writings, photographs, and other items to Liberal Memorial Library for the purpose of research. This database searches the contents of the Chrisman Collection.  
CallNo: N102-A1a  
Descriptive Title: Main Street in Beaver Oklahoma in 1893   Type: Negative
Date of Origin: 1893   Provenance:
Size: 5 7/8 x 7   Condition: very good
Text: [on negative] Main St. Beaver OK 1893 [on side of negative] Kodak -- Safety -- Film 437 [on side of building] GARRI/GENE
Misc Info: Street scene of Beaver, Oklahoma. The buildings are made of wood. There is a large dirt street running in between the buildings. There is a row of buildings, very close together, on both sides of the street. The first building on the right might be a general store according to the partial lettering on the side. Can see a small path in the brush leading to the general store in the foreground of the negative.
Subject: Beaver Oklahoma
Main Street
street scene
wood buildings
general store
dirt street
scrub grass and other brush
dirt path
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CallNo: P192-A1a  
larger image
Descriptive Title: Main Street in Garden City, Kansas   Type: Print
Date of Origin:    Provenance:
Size: 3 13/16 x 4 13/16   Condition: fair
Text: [front] [?] Main Street - The; A616 [back] Main St. Garden City 1916 year we landed in the town. An uncle had been there since 1905 in Real Estate Biz. Photo from Ottis B. Zirkle P.O. Box 102 Brownton, W.Va.; Harry E. Chrisman Lane D, Apt. 74 Bluebonnet Courts Liberal, Kansas.
Misc Info: Picture is of a main street with cars parked in front of the store fronts. There are street lamps.
Subject: Garden City, Kansas
Main Street
store fronts
Ottis B. Zirkle
Brownton, West Virginia
Street scene
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CallNo: P229-A3j  
larger image
Descriptive Title: C.M. Waters Livery and Barn   Type: Print
Date of Origin: 1910s   Provenance:
Size: 6 15/16 x 8 15/16   Condition: good
Text: [front] Don't Mark photo! [back] C.M. Waters operated "Oklahoma Feed Yard" in Liberal in 1913 and "Oklahoma Wagon Yard" in 1914-1915-1916-1917-1918-1919-1920. His name then drops out of the old telephone directories so he must have left Liberal (or) perhaps, died. His wagon yard address was listed as "South Liberal" or South of Rock Island tracks. The street at lower right is believed to be (Liberal Iron and Metal) St. so the barn was about where lights Sporting Goods or Maliney Cleaners is in 1960.
Misc Info: Picture is attached to brownish cardboard mat/frame. Actual picture size is 5 1/16 x 7"
Subject: livery and feed barn
street scene
Wagon yard
Feed yard
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Other: Photo has tape on top back.    

CallNo: P245-A2a11  
larger image
Descriptive Title: mud road or flood waters   Type: Print
Date of Origin:    Provenance:
Size: 3 5/16 x 4 7/8   Condition: good
Text: [front] 5 col [back] 5 col 2.2 [stamp] HARRY E. CHRISMAN LANE D, APT. 74 BLUEBONNET COURTS LIBERAL, KANSAS
Misc Info: Photo is of a street scene. Bottom of photo has curves in the corners. Maybe looking out of a pipe. Sky looks cloudy.
Subject: Flood water
street scene
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CallNo: P343-A3h  
Descriptive Title: National Bank in Ashland, KS   Type: Print
Date of Origin:    Provenance:
Size: 3 1/16 x 3 1/2"   Condition: good
Text: [front] [sign on huge building] FIRST NATIONAL BANK 1887 [sign on building next to bank] [?] [possibly says Ashland] DRUGS SODAS [there is 3 words under the other sign, but am unable to read it. [back] [Firs]t National Bank Building [A]shland, Kansas [bui]lt 1888 [1888 crossed out] 1887 [stamp] KODAK VELOX PAPER
Misc Info: Photo is of a huge building on a street corner. It is ornately covered and has many windows. There are businesses attached to it going down both sides of street. The huge building has a clock above the door. Photo has yellow glue stain on back.
Subject: Bank
First National Bank
Ashland, Kansas
Street scene
Drug store
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Other: Plastic sleeve has notation 56-61 p 3-A 2 [2 is circled]