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  Harry E. Chrisman, former Liberal author and historian, donated a large collection of his writings, photographs, and other items to Liberal Memorial Library for the purpose of research. This database searches the contents of the Chrisman Collection.  
CallNo: N184-F2f8  
Descriptive Title: Woman sitting at a desk in an office; an open book in front of her   Type: Negative
Date of Origin:    Provenance:
Size: 2 7/16 x 4 3/4   Condition: very good
Misc Info: A woman is sitting at a desk or table in what looks like an office. Because Chrisman worked at the Southwest Daily Times in Liberal, could be the newspaper office. There is an open book in front of her on the desk, and two safes in the background. Other office-type things on the desk. Woman is wearing glasses, a shirt with a grape (?) print down the center and a vest.
Subject: woman
Southwest Daily Times newspaper office
  Related to:  E16
Other: Among the same negatives about Palo Duro. Could this be Catherine Chrisman? Other negatives found in the envelope are of two men in an office, and judging from the decor it is probably the Southwest Daily Times front office.    

CallNo: P165-A3j  
larger image
Descriptive Title: Harry Chrisman searching for treasure   Type: Print
Date of Origin: 1965   Provenance:
Size: 3 1/2 x 5   Condition: very good
Text: [back] Treasure hunting with metal detector at Armstrong Crossing of Smokey Hill River, 1960. This was the old rock stable that housed the stage horses at the Armstrong Crossing and Post office. HEC circa 1965
Misc Info: Picture of Chrisman with a metal detector by a crumbling wall.
Subject: Harry Chrisman
Treasure hunting
Armstrong Crossing
Metal detector
Smokey Hill River
Post Office
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CallNo: P178-5a  
larger image
Descriptive Title: Merchant Ranch   Type: Print
Date of Origin:    Provenance:
Size: 5 1/16 x 7   Condition: very good
Text: [back] 4 x 4 1/2 Harry E. Chrisman 10245 W. 14th Ave. Denver, Colo. 80215 [note] A No Man's Land Ranch in 1887 The Merchant Ranch, 22 miles south of Liberal, Kansas. Mrs. Henry Merchant is in the buggy, her husband sits his horse beside the rig. Henry Merchant later operated a livery stable in Liberal in a building that was constructed by Charles Hancock. Photo from author's collection. [Photo from author's collection. is underlined]
Misc Info: Picture is of a ranch. Has a building with cows and horses in front of it. There is a buggy with a woman in it and 2 men on horseback. Looks like picture was torn or cut on bottom right corner. Then it looks like the original picture was placed on some kind of wood to take this picture.
Subject: Merchant Ranch
Liberal, Kansas
Mrs. Henry Merchant
Henry Merchant
No Man's Land Ranch
livery stable
Charles Hancock
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Other: Photo has tape on top back.    

CallNo: P250-H1f  
larger image
Descriptive Title: Table rock inscription   Type: Print
Date of Origin: 1961   Provenance:
Size: 3 9/16 x 3 1/2   Condition: excellent
Text: [front][inscription in photo on table rock] David Streliner 1882 [back] On table rock in No Man's land SW of Liberal [stamped several times] KODAK VELOX PAPER
Misc Info: Photo is of a rock with words carved in it. There is a human hand with index finger and pinky finger extended with other fingers enclosed in fist.
Subject: Table rock
David Streliner
No Man's Land
  Related to:  P252-

CallNo: P252-F1b  
larger image
Descriptive Title: Harry Chrisman on Table rock   Type: Print
Date of Origin: April 1961   Provenance:
Size: 3 9/16 x 3 9/16   Condition: good
Text: [front] APR 61 [Rock has words carved into it] David Strellner 1882
Misc Info: Photo is of Harry Chrisman standing on a flat rock with inscriptions etched into it.
Subject: Harry Chrisman
Table rock
David Strellner
No Man's Land
  Related to:  P250-

CallNo: P253-H1g  
larger image
Descriptive Title: Prairie land near table rock   Type: Print
Date of Origin: April 1961   Provenance:
Size: 3 9/16 x 3 9/16   Condition: good
Text: [front] APR 61 [back] KODAK VELOX PAPER [stamped several times]
Misc Info: Photo is of an open area with a line of trees in the background.
Subject: Prairie
Table rock
No Man's Land
  Related to:  P250

CallNo: P264-A3j  
larger image
Descriptive Title: Red Cross Livery and Hospital   Type: Print
Date of Origin:    Provenance:
Size: 6 15/16 x 10   Condition: good
Text: [front] +RED CROSS+ LIVERY AND HOSPITAL [there is a sign in the left of the photo hanging in a doorway--unable to read--looks like it says Dr. McClure Veterinarian] [back] Built by Will McClure + Marion Eidson in 1906 [stamp] HARRY E. CHRISMAN LANE D, APT. 74 BLUEBONNET COURTS LIBERAL, KANSAS [newspaper clipping glued to back of photo] "BUILT IN 1905 BY WILL McCLURE AND MARION EIDSON" is the inscription on the back of this old picture sent to friend here by Mrs. Ella Furnas of 533 Franklin St., Whittier, Calif. Mrs. Furnas, whose maiden name was Ella McClure, is a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. P. McClure, who were very early pioneer residents of Southwest Kansas, and who in later years lived in a two story house at the corner of Grant Ave. and Third St., where the Campion Clinic now stand. Mrs. Furnas is the widow of Marion Eidson, and Will McClure was her brother. She writes: "The picture was of the livery stable and animal hos-pital which was built on the lot on the north side of Second St. (200 block) where Bill Lampe's livery stable had been in the early days of freighting from Liberal to the distant ranches. It marked the change from 'cattle country' to the 'wheat era,' which Southwest Kansas became with the advent of the automobile and oil in-dustry." SWDT - July 19, 1960
Misc Info: Photo is of a huge building with a man standing in a doorway. A man holding a horse. A man standing in front of huge opening in front of building. A man in a 2 horse buggy. The building looks like it's made of huge bricks. On the far right there are buildings in the background. Looks like a person is in a hay pile sitting.
Subject: Red Cross Livery
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Other: Photo has yellowed newspaper clipping glued to back. Unable to remove.    

CallNo: P300-F1b  
larger image
Descriptive Title: Harry Chrisman standing in a home   Type: Print
Date of Origin:    Provenance:
Size: 3 1/2 x 5 3/16   Condition: very good
Text: [no text on front or back]
Misc Info: Harry Chrisman stands in a home, posing for a picture. He is wearing a button-up shirt, jacket and slacks. There is a dog, possibly Tuck, possibly a blue healer, in front of him on the floor. There are curtains on the windows, and several pictures on the walls behind Harry. There is a small table against the wall behind Harry.
Subject: Harry Chrisman
  Related to: 
Other: Although no text indicates the picture is of Harry Chrisman, it looks like him.    

CallNo: P546-F2a1  
larger image
Descriptive Title: Five men sitting at a table   Type: Print
Date of Origin: March 1945   Provenance:
Size: 1 3/16 x 3 5/16   Condition: good
Text: [back] had on "The Outlook For Peace," at Briefing Session. Mar '45
Misc Info: Photo is of five men sitting at a table. They are all facing the camera. The table is rectangular in shape. The background is dark.
Subject: Men
Outlook for peace
Briefing session
  Related to:  C16
Other: Photo was taped to a thin piece of cardboard with 5 other photos. Photo has tape on left top side and right bottom side.