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  Harry E. Chrisman, former Liberal author and historian, donated a large collection of his writings, photographs, and other items to Liberal Memorial Library for the purpose of research. This database searches the contents of the Chrisman Collection.  
CallNo: L11-E1a3  
Descriptive Title: From desk of Walt Thayer   Type: Letter
Date of Origin: 3-10-76   Provenance:
Size:    Condition: 
Text: From the desk of Walt Thayer; W. Thayer Box 2175 Wenatchee, Wash. 98801; Howdy Harry: For 20 years I kept old negatives of N. west rodeos on file and not long ago I threw out most of them as "dead" and not need to keep them. Now I suddenly get a request for several good photos of "active bucking horse scenes." of horse trying to buck off the rider. Do you have such a thing I could borrow for a few days? Will return them promptly. Went to see an old rodeo man, (86) Monday and found him in a nursing home; so no chance of photos from him. I still have some group photos of rodeo riders dating back to 1945. 73's Walt Thayer [back of letter] Sent 13 Pix to Walt 3-12-76 (line seperating text) Not returned to best of my knowledge.
Misc Info: Was in a manila envelope.
Subject: rodeos
Walt Thayer
Wenatchee, Washington
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CallNo: NC8-F1b  
Descriptive Title: Carl Smith Obituary   Type: Newspaper Clipping
Date of Origin: 2-26-1976   Provenance:
Size: 3 1/2 x 3 7/8"   Condition: good
Text: W. Thayer, Box 2175, Wenatchee, Wash. 98801; Wenatchee (Wa.) World, Thursday, Feb. 26, 1976 13; Former Wild West Show rider, 117, dies; Seattle (AP) - Former Buffalo Bill Wild West Show rider Carl Smith, the son of a slave and a Cherokee Indian mother, has died here at age 117. Smith said he was born on Christmas Day in Cherokee, Kan., in 1858. His father fled to Kansas after escaping slavery in Virginia. (next paragraph) He rode in the Pawnee Bill wild west show, and served in the Army for 30 years. He fought in frontier Indian skirmishes before the turn of the century and also served in Cuba and the Philippines. (next paragraph) Smith, who died Sunday, worked as a longshoreman for 23 years after coming to Seattle in 1916. (next paragraph) Services are planned for today. There are no known survivors.
Misc Info: Newspaper clipping of obituary; address label, white at top; headline in italic font
Subject: Carl Smith
W. Thayer
Wenatchee, Washington
Wenatchee World
longshoreman Cherokee, Kansas
Buffalo Bill Wild West Show
Seattle, Washington Cherokee Indian Cuba
Pawnee Bill Wild West Show
Army Virginia
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CallNo: P304-F2j2  
larger image
Descriptive Title: Militia riding to break up striking miners at Ludlaw, Colorado   Type: Print
Date of Origin:    Provenance:
Size: 5 1/16 x 7   Condition: very good
Text: [on back] militia used to break up (& kill some) striking miners at Ludlaw, Colorado. [left facing arrow] man at right supposed to have killed at least 2 miners and was head man of militia. [address sticker] W. Thayer collection, Box 2175, Wenatchee, Wash. 98801
Misc Info: Large group of men on horseback riding into a town. There is a street and buildings on the side. Man in front, on left, is carrying a flag. Most have on military uniform.
Subject: militia
Ludlaw, Colorado
W. Thayer
Wenatchee, Washington
street front
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CallNo: P305-B2a  
larger image
Descriptive Title: Denver City Railway Company's horse-drawn street car   Type: Print
Date of Origin: ca. 1914   Provenance:Denver Public Library Western Collection
Size: 5 x 7 1/8   Condition: very good
Text: [on street car] Good Values in Shoes at Strauss; 17th St. 17th Ave. & Pearl St.; Colfax Avenue; Union Depot 125; Colfax Ave; 125. [on back of photo] If reproduced use credit line: Denver Public Library Western Collection Photo by; Denver City Railway Company's horse drawn street car about 1914; [address sticker] W. Thayer collection, Box 2175, Wenatchee, Wash. 98801 [was placed over writing]
Misc Info: Street car with two people in the front, one man holding the reins to a horse in front. One man on a white horse standing beside the horse pulling the car. There is a road or street with railroad tracks on it. There are trees and a fence in the background. The horses are blurry.
Subject: Denver City Railway Company
horse-drawn street car
W. Thayer collection
Denver Public Library Western Collection
Wenatchee, Washington
17th Street
17th Avenue
Pearl Street
Colfax Avenue
Union Depot
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