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  Harry E. Chrisman, former Liberal author and historian, donated a large collection of his writings, photographs, and other items to Liberal Memorial Library for the purpose of research. This database searches the contents of the Chrisman Collection.  
CallNo: P11-B1b1  
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Descriptive Title: Rock Island Train and workers   Type: Print
Date of Origin:    Provenance:
Size: 5 1/8 x 7 1/16   Condition: good
Text: [front] Jim Miller Ed Campbell (in cab) Mexican laborers O.B. Wimmer on tender [back] Jim Miller lived at Liberal, Kansas when he won this Carnegie medal for trying to rescue man and boy buried in cesspool. HEC 6 [6 is circled] Harry E. Chrisman 10245 W. 14th Ave. Denver Colo. 80125 [back note] Harry: I wrote Geo. Miller asking if he wanted this old picture of his father, and he didn't mention it in his reply, so guess he didn't. It would be worthy preserving in museum, because he's (Jim Miller) the one who got the Carnegie Medal for trying to rescue those w men buried in cave-in. I had the complete acct. in Times not too long ago. -- Maurine
Misc Info: Four men in front of engine No. 1442. Attached car 1442 (both of Rock Island Railroad) sits in front of elevator. Car has load of rock or some other material (tender?)
Subject: Rock Island Railroad train
Jim Miller
Ed Campbed
O.B. Wimmer
Mexican laborers
elevator train track tender Carnegie Medal
railroad cars railroad engine No. 1442
Liberal Kansas George Miller
Southwest Daily Times
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Other: Note says the photo is from Maurine, possible Maurine Tate? Photo is in a mat/frame. Frame is 7 7/8 x 9 15/16"    

CallNo: P14-B1b2  
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Descriptive Title: Passenger train   Type: Print
Date of Origin:    Provenance:Southwest Daily Times
Size: 8 x 10   Condition: good
Text: [back note] "The Last Highball." Here the news photographer catches the last passenger train as she gets ready to leave Liberal, Kansas. The "no seats available" policy finally ended passenger service to this busy southwest Kansas town. Photo by Joe Cannon, Southwest Daily Times. 25 40 75% [back] 25 [25 is circled] Harry E. Chrisman 10245 W. 14th Ave. Denver, Colo. 80215
Misc Info: Railroad worker stands beside passenger train with one arm raised and hand pointing toward depot in background. Worker is in shadow.
Subject: Passenger train
railroad workers
depot building
old wagon
Liberal Kansas
The Last Highball
train track light poles
Joe Cannon Southwest Daily Times
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Other: Photo has stains on back. Photo has tape on top back.    

CallNo: P203-A2b11  
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Descriptive Title: Tepee in front of houses   Type: Print
Date of Origin:    Provenance:
Size: 4 1/8 x 7 1/8   Condition: very good
Text: [back] V.A. Kear builder of sod town; 2 miles east of Dighton, Kansas; Return to Harry C; Harry E. Chrisman Lane D, Apt. 74 Bluebonnet Courts Liberal, Kansas
Misc Info: Picture is of 4 buildings with a tepee in front of them. There are 3 cars, 1 wagon, 1 buggy, 1 windmill and 1 American flag. Photo has stains on back.
Subject: Tepee
V.A. Kear
sod town
Dighton, Kansas
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CallNo: P3-B1b  
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Descriptive Title: Orange train wreck   Type: Print
Date of Origin: 1902   Provenance:Chrisman Collection - private
Size: 4 9/16 x 6 5/16   Condition: fair
Text: [front] An other picture of the orange train wreck. [back note] In 1902 the engine of one train crashed into the caboose of a fruit train. Oranges were scattered all over the tracks at Liberal, KS. Dr. J.C. Watkins was obliged to use an axe in cutting a trainman's leg off to extract him from the wreckage near the boiler. The man was deadheading back to his home. Dr. Watkins later lived at Harlingen Texas. Photo from Chrisman Collection. 8 24 65 % [on back] Train wreck on Chi & Rock Island at Liberal, Kansas, circa 1902. Engine of one train hit caboose of second train. Trainman's leg had to be cut off to free him from engine. Several carloads of oranges were scattered [pell mill] over the right-of-way. 8 Harry E. Chrisman Lane D. Apt. 74 Bluebonnet Courts, Liberal, KS Harry E. Chrisman 10245 W. 14th Ave. Denver, Colo. 80215
Misc Info: Photo is of a wrecked caboose, train engine. Cars sit on tracks. Crowd gathered, some working on train. Debris and other items litter the ground.
Subject: orange train caboose
train engine
gathered crowd
Liberal, Kansas
telephone poles
steam from engine
train cars Harlingen Texas barrel
building train track Dr. J.C. Watkins
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Other: Photo is on thick cardboard.    

CallNo: P80-A1a  
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Descriptive Title: Sacajawea Memorial Ceremony   Type: Print
Date of Origin: February 25, 1970   Provenance:
Size: 3 1/8 x 4 7/8   Condition: very good
Text: [front] [?] Sacagawea Memorial tablet. Three Forks, Mont., Oct. 2, 1914 [back] Frame No. 22 Copied Fairfield Foto Film Date Feb. 25 1970
Misc Info: Photo is of a crowd gathering around marker in Three Forks, Mont. Train is coming through town in background. There are automobiles and horse drawn carriages in the photo. Buildings and electric or phone poles are visable.
Subject: Sacajawea Memorial Marker
gathered crowd
Three Forks, Montana
telephone poles
houses train mountains
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CallNo: PC2-C2c  
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Descriptive Title: Freight train wreck   Type: Postcard
Date of Origin: 8/13/38   Provenance:private collection - Turtle Studio, Liberal KS
Size: 3 1/2 x 5 1/2   Condition: good
Text: [front] Wrecked freight train on R.I. RR at Arkalon Bridge - 8-18-38. Engine 5036. Cost $115,000. Wt. 733200 lbs. Power 67000 Drawbar. Booster 70000 lbs. Turtle Studio. 28 [back] Post Card Turtle Studio Kodak Finishing and Gift Shoppe Liberal, Kans. 14 S. Kans. Ave. Correspondence. Address. Place Stamp Here. Harry E. Chrisman 10245 W. 14th Ave. Denver, Colo. 80215 [back note] Oil tankers and box cars were piled up like children's toys when Engine 5036 (cost $115,000; wt. 73,320 lbs) plunged through the bridge on flood-swollen Cimarron River. Turtle Studio, Liberal, Kansas photo. (sentence underlined) 32 (circled) 24 75%
Misc Info: Oil tanker, box car and engine wreck on bridge. Debris and cars in river.
Subject: freight train
oil tanker
box car - NYC 181306
Arkalon bridge
Cimarron River
Rock Island railroad
Engine 5036
Turtle Studio
box cars oil tanker GATX6538 Kodak finishing
trees debris oil tanker 5340 Liberal, Kansas
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