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  Harry E. Chrisman, former Liberal author and historian, donated a large collection of his writings, photographs, and other items to Liberal Memorial Library for the purpose of research. This database searches the contents of the Chrisman Collection.  
Call No Descriptive Title Date of Orgin Type Size
C9-H1d1 Allen Nichols, Th'er at work Comments 3 1/8 x 7" show detail
D10-F1b Sam Robinson Document 4 1/2 x 5 1/4" show detail
D11- Letter of Dodge City Fires 1886 Letter 5.5 x 8.5" show detail
D12- Ox Stocks Document 6 x 7" show detail
D13- show detail
D14-F1c Irvin Green May 10, 1959 Document 7 1/4 x 10 1/16" show detail
D1-F2f1 Tristate OLD-TIME cowboys memorial museum Document show detail
D2-F2f1 Letter addressed to Hello Tri-State Cowboy member: My 1, 1969 Document show detail
D3-F2f1 Letter addressed to Howdy Pardner: May 9, 1968 Document show detail
D4-F2f1 New members since August 1, 1967 Document show detail
D5-F2f1 New members since August 1, 1967 Document show detail
D6-F2f1 New members - Tri-State Old Time Cowboys Association Document show detail
D7-F2f1 New members - Tri-State Old Time Cowboys Association Document show detail
D8-F2f1 Gone to God's Great Range Document show detail
D9-F2f1 Old Cowboy Ed Wright on horse Document 5 1/4 x 8" show detail
E10- Southwest Daily Times Kansas Centennial Envelope 1961 Envelope 4.25 x 9.5" show detail
E11- Hitch Ranch negative envelope Envelope 4.25 x 9.5" show detail
E12- Envelope that contains photographs: Longhorn cattle Envelope 6 x 9" show detail
E13- Burris Wright Photo envelope Envelope 6.5 x 9.5" show detail
E14 Manila envelope with Chrisman's articles from the Southwest Daily Times Envelope show detail

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