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Teen Advisory Group

Teen Advisory Group

So, what is Teen Advisory Group?

Teen Advisory Group (TAG for short) is a group of teens that meets once a month during the school year at the library. TAG works with the Teen Services Librarian to improve teen programs, the Teen area in the library, and the YA book collection. Basically, the mission of TAG is to take ownership of teen services at the library and help turn it into what you want the library to be!

What do I get out of it?
  • Free food and drinks. (we’re not saying it’s pizza, but it’s likely pizza).
  • A voice in deciding what cool stuff the library can offer for teens.
  • If you need volunteer hours for school or some other reason, participation in TAG counts toward your total.
  • A chance to make new friends outside your school.
  • The eternal and undying gratitude of the Teen Services Librarian.
  • TAG membership looks great on college applications too!
Who is eligible for TAG?

TAG is open to any students in grades 6-12 or the equivalent (whether they attend public or private school, or are home-schooled).

What do you actually do at a TAG meeting?

We talk about stuff over snacks and drinks. Sometimes the librarian will have a list of event ideas, and TAG will vote on whether or not they want the library to make those ideas a reality. Sometimes TAG will even plan events themselves!

What if I can’t make it to every meeting?

That’s totally okay! Sometimes you might have an event at school, or a family conflict, or maybe just too much homework. We may have some TAG members who only come in the spring because they’re in a fall sport and have practice that night. All we ask is that you come when you can, and try to let us know when you can’t.

How do I sign up?

Sign up here or ask at the Circulation Desk for a Teen Advisory Group application.
If she’s around, introduce yourself to the Teen Services Librarian so you can meet her and ask her any questions you might have about TAG (or anything else).

Or if you’d rather, you can ask any questions by phone at 620-626-0180, or by email at