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2021 Harry potter's birthday party

Harry Potter Birthday Party

On Friday July 30th from 1pm to 5pm, we will celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday with games, crafts, a photo booth, a costume contest, and a visit from live snakes!

The party will start off with a visit from some snakes. Harry has many encounters with snakes over the years; we will get to see a snake presentation and meet a few.

After that, we will be hosting several games to get you in the spirit:

  • Let’s go on a Horcrux Hunt – a scavenger hunt for Voldemort’s seven horcruxes. There will be clues to help lead the way and the one who finds them all will get a reward!
  • Are you a member of SPEW, the Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare? Join us in freeing house elves with a game of sock toss!
  • Need to practice your levitation spell? Whoever can levitate the balloon the longest will get a prize, every player will get a free wand (while supplies last).
  • Think you know the most about the boy who lived? Play some trivia with us on your own device with Kahoot. A prize will be awarded to the winner.

We will also have crafts! Paint your own pet owl rock or cast a patronus onto paper to take home.

While all this is going on, we will have a photo booth and costume contest! Come in your best outfit that references the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and you could get a prize for best dressed!