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Crossroads of Commerce, Culture, and Community

Liberal Memorial Library received an $8,000 Kansas Humanities Grant to record the immigration stories of immigrants to Southwest Kansas. The Grant titled “Crossroads of Commerce, Culture, and Community” will record and preserve the stories of 40 individuals and/or families who immigrated to Southwest Kansas from a foreign country.

The grant dollars from the Kansas Humanities Council allowed the library to record the interviews with both video and audio equipment and disseminate the information obtained during the interviews through our website and DVD recordings. Preserving the stories of immigrants to Southwest Kansas is important for many reasons, and if we do not begin to record them soon, the stories will be lost as families move on or individuals pass away.

Date of Birth
Place of Birth
G B Durango, Mexico
Hugo Cano 3/18/1971 Chihuahua, Mexico
Laura Cano 1/30/1973 Chihuahua, Mexico
Alvaro Cruz 2/25/1967 Nicaragua
Silvio Cruz 8/2/1969 Nicaragua
Carlos De Leon 7/13/1946 Guatemala
Leslie De Leon 1/25/1969 Guatemala
Rafael Diaz 9/30/1962 Cuba
Fidencia Lambert 11/16/1968 Paraguay
Jose Flores 12/10/1952 Zacatecas, Mexico
Enrique Franz 6/29/1976 Nicaragua
Miguel Giner 4/10/1963 Chihuahua, Mexico
Esmeralda Gomez 11/28/1966 Zacatecas, Mexico
Maria Ibañez 4/14/1948 Chihuahua, Mexico
Fernanda Lujan 5/30/1977 Durango, Mexico
Oscar Palacios 4/24/1960 Chihuahua, Mexico
Raul Pena 10/28/1955 Chihuahua, Mexico
Sara Peters 7/17/1967 Chihuahua, Mexico
Arturo and Dora Ponce Chihuahua, Mexico
Beulah Rocha 8/23/1963 Nicaragua
Erica Rosales 5/2/1984 Zacatecas, Mexico
Manuela Rosales 3/13/1966 Zacatecas, Mexico
Maria Salazar 3/6/1965 Zacatecas, Mexico
Willie Vargas 7/21/1957 Chihuahua, Mexico
Amil Yasin Malaysia


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