3D Printing Request Form

Please read our 3D printing policy before submitting your request.

It costs $0.10 per gram to print with a minimum charge of $0.50. We will determine the weight before printing and contact you by phone or email to confirm the price and discuss details of the 3D project.

We ask that you pay before the project is printed. You can pay online or in person. The library will not give refunds for failed or unsatisfactory prints.

Your Name (required)

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Your 3D printing file (file type .stl or .obj). Maximum file size 25MB

Color or Colors requested (see our list of available colors)

Optional Settings

We use the Tinkerine software suite to prepare files for printing.
If you know the best settings for the file you want to print, you can enter them here.

Printing Resolution (Adjusts the printing resolution. The higher the resolution, the longer the print will take.


Infill (Adjusts the density of the model)


Wall (Adjusts the shell thickness of the model)


Support (Enable or disable support structure for overhang)



A staff member will contact you before printing your 3D object to let you know how much it will cost and arrange payment.