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Service Policy

Liberal Memorial Library Service Policy

  1. Operation and Building Use
    1. The Service Hours of the Liberal Memorial Library are:
      Monday – Thursday      9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
      Friday     9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
      Saturday     9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
      Sunday     Closed
    2. There are times when the library may need to close for staff training or remodeling. Every effort will be made to give sufficient notice to the public about the closing.
    3. The library follows the City of Liberal holiday schedule.
    4. Use of the Public Library will be as follows:
      1. The Library Board accepts the responsibility in striving to provide and maintain the public library facilities which will adequately meet the physical requirements of modern library service. Such facilities will offer to the community an invitation to enter, read, look, listen, and learn. The Library strives to meet Public Library Standard Guidelines for the State of Kansas. (See Appendix A)
      2. Service will not be denied or abridged because of age, sex, religion, race, social, economic, or political status.
      3. Exhibit and Gallery Policy – Displays and exhibits will be determined at the discretion of the Library Director and the Library Board. While library personnel will make every effort and take every precaution for the safety of the items on display or exhibit, the library cannot be responsible for or be held liable for damaged or stolen property. The library personnel are not responsible for setting up or taking down the exhibitions.(See Appendix B for Exhibit Form
  2. ADA Compliance: The provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 will be upheld to the full extent reasonable and practical by the Library Board, the Library Director, and by the library staff. The staff of the Liberal Memorial Library will always be willing to assist to make all materials and services available.
  3. Lost and Found – The library is not responsible for items left in the library. All items and materials not the property of the library should be removed from the library for the protection of all involved. Any items or materials left in the library become the property of the library.
  4. Circulation Procedures
      1. Procedure for Obtaining a Library Card at Liberal Memorial Library
        1. Library cards are free to all residents. Replacement price is fifty cents ($0.50).
        2. All library patrons over the age of 18 MUST present one form of photo identification.
        3. Children are entitled to the same check-out privileges as adults.
          1. Children under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian present to get a library card. This parent or guardian will be held responsible for the safe return of all library property and any fines or fees that are accrued.
          2. The parent or guardian must present one form of photo identification or already have a library card of their own for the child to get a library card.
          3. We ask that parents or guardians monitor the appropriateness of the materials their children borrow from the library. The library staff is unable to make that judgment as individual families have different ways of deciding what is suitable for their children.
          4. Special cards will not be issued to any group. Extended loan periods will be given to teachers and homeschoolers for materials needed for curriculum. Teachers and homeschoolers must ask for the extended time at checkout.
      2. Circulation Desk Procedures
        All materials in the library may be checked out for two weeks, except for DVDs which may be checked out for one week and non-circulating items which must be used in the library.
        All library patrons must have their own library card to check out materials. A form of identification cannot be used to check out materials.
        In an effort to circulate as many materials as possible, a patron is limited to no more than 15 items checked out at any given time. Included in the 15 items:

        1. fifteen (15) books
        2. four (4) DVDs
        3. six (6) audio CDs (including audio CD books and music CDs)
        4. one (1) equipment
        5. four (4) interlibrary loan items
      3. Renewal of Materials
        1. Materials may be renewed in person, by telephone, or online.
        2. Most materials may be renewed twice (2), unless another patron has reserved this item.
        3. DVDs, pre-literacy kits, and items that have been placed in the New York Times Bestseller location cannot be renewed.
        4. A request for renewal of interlibrary loan materials must be made three (3) days before the due date or they may not be subject to renewal.
      4. Overdue Materials
        1. For most items, there is a charge of $0.10 per day for each item that is overdue with a maximum limit of a $3.00 fine per item plus the cost of the item.
        2. For DVDs and Interlibrary Loan materials, there is a charge of $0.50 per day for each item that is overdue with a maximum limit of $3.00 per item.
        3. Fines in excess of $5.00 must be paid at the time of check-out. Fines that do not exceed the limit may be paid at a later date.
        4. Materials 90 days overdue will be sent to a collection agency. A $10.00 collection fee will be added to the patron’s account.
      5. Lost or Damaged Materials
        Materials that are lost or damaged must be paid for by the patron within one month of notification of loss in order to be eligible for further check-out materials.
  5. Public Services
    The library staff will offer guidance and assistance to people to obtain the information they seek. The staff will initiate programs to stimulate the use of library materials to fill the needs of all ages in the community.

    1. Reference – Within the library, use of all reference collections and materials are free to the public. Patrons are encouraged to make use of the library reference service. Information will be provided on a walk-in basis or by telephone in an accurate and timely fashion. All resources on the premises will be consulted.
    2. Referrals – If all in-house resources are exhausted referrals will be made or the regional library system will be consulted. Prompt interlibrary loan service is an asset to the community.
    3. Children’s Services and Programming – The Children’s Collection will contain resources in most formats including books (fiction and non-fiction), magazines, kits (books with audio cassette), DVDs, computer software, toys, and puppets. Story times will be provided for various age groups. Summer Library Program activities will be provided for children of all ages.
    4. Telephone – A telephone for public use is available by the copy machine. It is for local calls only.
    5. Outreach – Homebound patrons and institutions within the city may request delivery of materials.
    6. Cooperation with Other Libraries – The library will cooperate with regional, state, and national interlibrary loan programs for resources sharing purposes.
  6. School/public library relationship – The library will strive to supplement, but cannot perform the functions of school and other institutional libraries which are designed to meet specific curricular needs.
  7. The library will cooperate with civic and community agencies and organizations to help obtain materials and to support programs.

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